Chief Customer Officer 

Webnode helps individuals and small businesses to be successful online. We are not a body shop, we develop our own, easy, and accessible website and e-commerce platform, which revolutionized the industry and has been used by more than 40 million people worldwide. We are not a corporation, but roughly 120 people with the main office in Brno (a lovely one, as you would find out soon, we hope).

We are looking for a partner, a strong person, who will take care of two precious things - our largest team and customer happiness. Your nickname will be Chief Customer Officer. Here is more color about you and your responsibilities:


Customer Care is our largest team in Webnode, roughly half of our people work there. It is also the most diverse, around 30 nationalities. As expected, this team supports our most valuable asset - the customers. They also help with other stuff like localization, marketing, and business initiatives. Your primary goal is to take care of those people and make sure they know what to do. You will also be something of an HR person who manages the team's aspirations and participates in the recruitment. Extroverts and gregarious introverts welcome.


The success of Webnode is based on customer success. It is not an empty phrase. The way we differentiate against our competition is the quality of customer service. Website and e-commerce might be seen as easy but it is actually quite complex with all domain transfers, payment integrations, and whatnot. We do not use external call centers, we keep the knowledge in-house because we want to be able to help our customers at the best possible level. We measure customer satisfaction on daily basis. You will be measuring it too plus learning from it and trying to make it even better.


The voice of a customer is a valuable source of information, which is being used to influence our product and service. You have to make sure it is heard, properly understood, and shared with the product team. Expect fruitful discussions!

Boring But Important Stuff

Every job comes with some portion of stuff, which is not being liked much. The stuff like watching metrics and reporting. But they are an important part of the job and help you to understand it better.

Boss and Colleagues

Your boss is our CEO named Josef. We are not going to expose his dark side yet as we do not want to scare you. But here is a little useful information. Pepa loves quick and efficient communication, and he is kind of number-freak. He is always open to a dialog. The rest of the bunch you will be working with is a good mix of lovely people, weirdos, and borovička-drinkers. Diversity is guaranteed.


The Customer Care team is critical for Webnode success and one of the key competition differentiators. We are ready to help our customers and we are able to do it in quite a few languages with a human and local approach. Hence you need to have experience with leading people and customer care. You have to jump into your role from day one, understand it, and motivate the team. We will support you as much as we can, of course. And some sense of humor must be included!

And why are we looking for a new partner? Sławomir, the CC legend and shadow president of Poland, has decided to redirect his career as well as dedicate more time to his daughter. He will be missed, for sure, but we fully respect his decision.

About the job

  • Company: Webnode CZ s.r.o.
  • Address: Hlinky 995/70, Brno - Staré Brno
  • Required education: High school diploma or technical with a certificate
  • Required languages: English (Advanced) 
  • Benefits: Garden workouts, fresh fruits in a workplace, sport challenges in Endomondo, great coffee, day off for your birthday, home office, flexible working hours, company kindergarten, holidays that you celebrate, internal language courses, paternal vacation, contribution to any external courses, company library, 5-year anniversary gift, gift for your wedding day and birth of a baby, extra vacation days after 3 years in company, international breakfasts and other events, reduced mobile phone tariff and bank account, Webnode Premium Plans for free, and lots of others.
  • Employment: Full time
  • Employment duration: Pernament
  • Contract type: Employment contract 


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