About Webnode

WEBNODE: We help people, individuals and small businesses to be successful online

A brief history of Webnode

Where is Webnode coming from? And where is it going? Who is the mysterious Vít Vrba that everybody talks about, but only a few have met? Let's have a brief look at our history:

1998: Vít Vrba has just founded the Westcom Ltd. company - the predecessor of Webnode.

2008: Webnode is launching the very first version of its website builder. It helps entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers create their own websites fast and easy. There are more than 200k projects built on our Czech and Slovak platform by the end of that year.

2013: Westcom changes its name to Webnode and moves to a new building. We are 65 strong and there are more than 14 million websites created with Webnode.

2014: Webnode now works in 26 languages and our users come from more than 50 countries. The number of Webnode websites reaches 18 million. We are gaining speed.

2018: The new version of the Webnode website builder has been up and running for three years already. It is time to launch our brand-new online store platform. The number of websites made with Webnode is more than 34 million.

2019: Josef Hos has just become our new CEO. The whole company is working hard on bringing new features to more than 37 million customers worldwide.

2020: Webnode becomes a part of Team.blue

What we do best

We are trying to keep our product range easy to use and understandable. A perfect option for a person starting their first blog, a freelance photographer, or a vet.

You can create your online store, website and blog easily in the newest version of our website builder. Several projects are still running on the older version which we maintain, but do not promote any longer.

Check our web and blog to see:

  • How we communicate with our users.
  • What colors we use and what our logo looks like.
  • What brings value to our customers.
  • Which services we offer and how much they cost.

There is also a master plan - our road map that helps us stay focused on all the new features and improvements of our website builder. It is available for everyone in the company and anyone can influence it with their ideas.

Get to know us better

Similarly, to other successful companies, Webnode has its own unique logo, tone of voice and values. Here are the most important facts so you can recognize us anywhere.

  • Our font is called Graphic. It is much prettier than Comic Sans.
  • Most illustrations that you can find on our blog and in our emails are created in-house.
  • Our company color used to be orange. Blue suits us better nowadays.
  • We are active in 130 countries, but still trying to keep the local feel.
  • We believe that website building can be easy and fun.
  • We are trying to keep our communication short and to the point.
  • We are striving to not only resolve issues our customers might have but help them succeed online.