This is Anna

Anna manages our localizations which means she takes care of the language versions of our website builder. She likes to search for similarities and differences in all our languages. When she is not managing and translating, she trains kung-fu, dances and plays the piano. If you want to know what she dislikes about working here, read more. 

Why did she choose Webnode? 
Anna chose Webnode because of the job itself. It is a perfect combination of translating, creating new texts, exploring different cultures and working with people. 

What does she like most about working in Webnode?
She likes that there is never a dull moment in localizations and the fact that everyone here has an amazing hobby. Someone does card tricks, someone plays the harmonica and someone takes pictures of exotic frogs. There is a great team of talented people that you can learn from. 

What does she dislike about working in Webnode?
She does not like working up to the deadline on important projects. A new team member might help that. :-)