Charity day off
Not everybody is lucky enough to have someone to turn to when in need. Let's take a day off and help the ones that need it.

Wedding gift
So, you decided to take the big step, huh? Make it a right one then. We'll add a little something to it.

Gift for the birth of a baby
Along with the extra vacation you will also receive a gift from Webnode that will be both useful and delightful.

We like to spend time together even after work so you can look forward to many events - a summer barbecue on our terrace, team buildings, a ski trip, Christmas party or ice-skating. We meet up practically every month, whether as a whole company or less formally in smaller groups. We will also help you organize your own event, whether you'd like to plan an evening of board games for your teammates or an orienteering race.

Vodafone discount
Webnode does not offer company phones, however, we have found a way to keep your own phone-related costs low thanks to our cooperation with Vodafone.

Webnode Profi Premium plans
Would you like to create a website for your mom? Your best friend started a new business and considers building an online store? No problem, we will support all of your projects.

Discounted accounts with Raiffeisen bank
Even with all the online banking, finding the right bank is not an easy process. Our cooperation with Raiffeisenbank might be what you are looking for.

Gift for working at Webnode for 5 years
It's been 5 years since you joined Webnode? We'd like to surprise you with something you're definitely going to like. By now we know what you enjoy so the present will fit you like a glove.

Landmark birthdays
Whether you're 20, 30, 40 or 50, we'd like to celebrate your landmark birthday. Expect a present chosen specifically for you and your interests