This is Honza

Honza leads our design team and designs new templates, the appearance of our portal pages and new functions. Besides graphics, he enjoys his music band, comic books and recently even appeared in the new Spiderman movie. Want to know how he compares running his own business to working for Webnode? Then read on.

Why did he choose Webnode? 
Together with his high-school friends Honza set up a business creating custom-built websites. Webnode was recommended to him by one of these friends. At first, Honza started working as an extern and designed templates. Gradually, projects were adding up and Honza enjoyed his work more and more. When he compares working for Webnode to having his own business, he mainly appreciates being able to focus more on the creative part of his job and also that he doesn't have to work with each client individually.

What does he like most about working in Webnode?
He likes that his work is a combination of graphic and technical aspects of the product, the right mix of creative and routine tasks, relaxed workplace and working with people. But mostly, he likes when he can improve the product and move it forward.

What does he dislike about working in Webnode?
He's not happy that bringing projects from concept to realization takes a long time. He'd appreciate having new colleagues among programmers to speed up the release process of new concepts. Honza is also still not fully used to an 8-hour workday. He'd rather plan his worktime according to the workload or current tasks.