This is Hynek

Hynek is responsible for the development of our website builder as well as majority of both old and new functions. He's a stalwart Webnoder and has been working with us basically from the very beginning. Keep reading if you want to know when Hynek brings his work home.

Why did he choose Webnode? 
Hynek joined Webnode through a happy coincidence. He was working on a project involving Webnode (former Westcom) for his then employer. He enjoyed working with Westcom so much that he decided to stay with us. Few months later, he was among the people that started developing our very first website builder.

What does he like most about working in Webnode?
Hynek likes when things work and work effectively. Most of all, he likes trying out new technologies and playing with them. When that happens, he doesn't mind bringing his work home. This way he built us an application showing a map of the world with user registrations in real time. When he's not working, he enjoys photo shooting, motorcycles and bikes.

What does he dislike about working in Webnode?
He doesn't like the trial-error method very much. Also prefers to work on tasks that make sense to him from the very beginning.