What are the interviews like?



If you want to be our developer

  1. We take our candidates straight to "Heaven"! That's the name of our meeting room with large terrace and beautiful views of Brno and that's where the interviews take place. During the first round you'll chat with our HR girls. They'll ask about your previous experience and will want you to show them some example of your code.
  2. During the second round of interviews, you'll meet our head of developers and your future team leader. They'll want to know about your experience and skills, not how many cars are there in the Prague Metro. It's also important for us to know if you enjoy working and if you can work hard. If all goes well, you're in for the third round.
  3. During the third round, you'll meet our CEO Ondra who might ask you a few tricky questions and then you're ours!

If you want to be our customer care agent

  1. Before the actual interview takes place, we will send you a short test to take a look at your language skills and your approach to solving customer's issues. If we'll like you, we'll invite you to Heaven.
  2. During the second round, you'll meet with the head of our Customer Care, Slawomir, and your future team leader.
  3. During the third round you'll see our CEO Ondra, who likes to meet with all our newcomers.

If you want to be our designer

  1. First, we'd like to see a small example of your work. If we'll like it, we'll invite you for the first round of interviews to Heaven.
  2. During the second round, you'll talk to the head of our design team and one of your future colleagues. 
  3. Your last interview will be just a short chat with our CEO Ondra.