This is Josef

Josef works as an IT Network Administrator. He makes sure that all our computers run smoothly and everyone can work happily. Josef loves to do and watch sports. He is the biggest Kometa fan. Read more to find out why he chose Webnode. 

Why did he choose Webnode?
Josef knew Webnode from experience because he created his wedding website with us. Webnode was one of many interviews that week. He enjoyed our multicultural environment, offices and the informal atmosphere. What really sealed the deal was the interview with his future boss. The guys clicked with each other and the decision was made. 

What he likes most about working in Webnode?
He likes the variety of tasks he gets to do in his position, the fact that he can help others and practice his English every day. He also praises his team without any hesitation. 

What he dislikes about working at Webnode?
Sometimes he feels that we are too laid-back and he would like to bring more order to the chaos. He does not take freedom for granted and he doesn't like if anybody is trying to abuse it.