This is Richard

Richard is part of our application team, which means he often takes care of tools for our developers. At the moment, he's mostly working on speeding up the deployment. When he's not refactoring, he leads a scout camp and once a year slips away to see the local Anime Festival. If you want to know how he combines his work and studies, keep reading.

Why did he choose Webnode? 
Richard didn't go through the standard interview process explained here, but experienced its faster version. When his previous employer closed down the business, former supervisor put Richard in contact with Mirek, our head of development. Mirek offered him cooperation. Richard also knew Webnode as a user, so the opportunity to get involved in the development of this tool immediately caught his interest. 

What does he like most about working in Webnode?
Just like most developers, he likes making up new stuff and testing it. Luckily, most of his work for Webnode includes just that. In addition to his job, Richard is also a student and this combination works well for him. Thanks to work, his studies don't lose their charm and he actually looks forward to coming to office.

What does he dislike about working in Webnode?
He doesn't enjoy digging into an old code and he would be all for better testing of some of the internal tools.