This is Rui

Rui takes great care of our Portugese-speaking customers. He discovered the Czech Republic during his studies. When an opportunity to work at an IT company arose, he decided to take a leap. Keep reading if you want to know what he likes about working here. 

Why did he choose Webnode?
Rui has worked for Webnode for almost a year. He always wanted to work with customers in the IT area. He visited the Czech Republic twice during his studies and fell in love with the local countryside, people, food and drinks. When he found an open position here, Webnode was an easy choice for him. 

What does he like most about working in Webnode?
He likes the fact that we are a small and friendly company. He likes working with his colleagues. They are fun and always helpful. He enjoys the atmosphere on his team. Rui also appreciates our company culture. He feels that companies in Portugal often don't work on the mood in the team and are not so supportive of their employees. Rui also likes our international breakfasts where he gets to taste local specialties from various countries and talk to people from other departments.  

What he dislikes about working in Webnode?
We tried hard, but Rui didn't tell us anything negative. He says that he has no complaints and likes working here a lot. We have a proof that Rui is true to his word. He had briefly tried working for two other companies here at Brno, but he came back to Webnode.