Senior PHP Backend Developer 

We can list here how free, cool and in we are. Also, we can list all our benefits, amazing events that you will not find anywhere else. But the development guys said you don´t care about these that much. They said you want to know something about the product and the technologies that are used here. And get to know the style of our work. Well, here it is.

What is the work in our team about and what will you be responsible for?

  • We have a good knowledge of PHP. We do not stick to the framework, we rather go the way of libraries and packages, which we also write ourselves.
  • We analyze and design robust large applications with many subsystems that communicate with each other both via REST and asynchronously via messaging. We use a lot of our own versioned packages in our applications. In addition, our applications run in clusters, so it is necessary to consider the distributed processing of requests.
  • We are not afraid to rewrite older codes, migrate data, design new structures for them. We control the whole process from development, through tests to deployment in production. Of course, everything goes through code review and through many tests, including automated ones.
  • MySQL databases are well known, and we work with large amounts of data. When writing a query, we must pay attention to optimization.
  • We are passionate about work that no one will see. It is clear to us that if everything works on the backend, no one will notice. But we still enjoy it!
  • We require Czech or Slovak fluent (native) language skill for the position.

What will you work with?

  • Our primary language is PHP. In addition to the main applications, we also have a lot of composer packages that we manage. When writing new codes, we try to use a hexagonal architecture and learn Domain driven development. We gradually rewrite older codes in the same way. We love writing a test, at least a unit.
  • Most of our data lies in MySQL, which is replicated to several different locations. There is also a proxy above that. We usually have tens of millions of rows in tables.
  • Our distributed applications require high availability, running on many nodes using proxy. Communication often takes place asynchronously via a message broker (Apache Kafka) and uses distributed key-value storage (Aerospike).
  • We use JIRA for planning weekly sprints, Confluence for documentation.
  • We code the code in GIT. We use Gitlab for administration, where we perform code reviews and run pipelines. Pipelines are modified and expanded by every developer so that we can make them perfect. We also do deployment, of course clickable (no FTP).
  • We use the logging service of Graylog, Kiban, Grafan, Zabbix and many other tools to monitor the status of our production.
  • We develop on a local docker. We use small pieces into production several times a day.
  • We commonly implement many different external APIs for communication with payment gateways, domain registrars, cloud services, etc.

Did we forget something? If so, feel free to ask everything that is important to you before sending us a contact. We promise we will not hide anything 😊.

About the job

  • Company: Webnode CZ s.r.o.
  • Address: Hlinky 995/70, Brno - Staré Brno
  • Required education: High school diploma or technical with a certificate
  • Required languages: English - intermediate
  • Benefits: Garden workouts, fresh fruits in a workplace, sport challenges in Endomondo, great coffee, day off for your birthday, home office, flexible working hours, company kindergarten, holidays that you celebrate, internal language courses, paternal vacation, contribution to any external courses, company library, 5-year anniversary gift, gift for your wedding day and birth of a baby, extra vacation days after 3 years in company, international breakfasts and other events, reduced mobile phone tariff and bank account, Webnode Premium Plans for free, and lots of others.
  • Employment: full-time
  • Employment duration: Definite/Indefinite period
  • Contract type: Employment contract  


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