Technical info

What tools can you expect? Forget ICQ, MSN messenger, tube mail and hearing stuff through the grapevine. Here are the tools we use on daily basis:

Jira + Confluence
We use these two products from Atlassian for project management, storing documentation and meeting minutes. Each team has its own Confluence space where you can find all the necessary details. Don't worry, we will always explain in advance where to find everything or what to tag.

Yep, not all the documents are created in MS Word or Excel spreadsheets here, but MS Outlook is our email client. Our main communication tool is Slack. You can be a part of many different channels there - from one for general announcements to one where you discuss your lunch plans.

Tools, Freshdesk, Tulip
These are specialized tools that some teams use every day, others almost never. You have never heard of them? Never mind, you will learn everything there is to know about them during your training.

Anything else?
Yes, there is the Webnode Facebook group, our graphic design server and accessing your mail via your browser. Nothing too complicated though.

How do we communicate with each other?
As people and equals. Everyone is welcome to voice their ideas and opinions. We listen and respect different points of view.

How do teams cooperate with each other?
If there is a project that requires people from different departments, we simply create these mix and match teams that work together and bring their expertise from different areas. You will communicate directly with the person responsible for the next part of your project. All our tools are available to you.