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Webnode café

Our front desk serves many different purposes. We can meet here to kickstart new project, have a lunch or national breakfast. We also use this space for board game parties, movie nights or to watch sports. We are looking forward to enjoying these and many other activities here in the post-covid times.

Third floor

The seat of our marketing and customer care teams. You can hear up to 20 languages here and get to know many different cultures. Even the meeting room on this floor carries a fitting name - Babylon.

Fourth floor

The kingdom of designers, developers, data team, localizations and finances. This diverse bunch enjoys quiet working environment and hates direct sunlight hitting their screens. That is why you can expect closed blinds and peace and quiet on this floor.

Fifth floor

We meet on this floor to discuss anything and everything work related. Here we invite new candidates and hold interviews. As soon as the weather permits, we come here for lunches, barbecues and to watch fireworks. The view never gets old.