We turn design into features and further develop our product.

 Working in development

Sometimes it's demanding, but never boring. It is thrilling to see how we gradually release new features and how these changes affect our customers all over the world. We develop new features, test them, update old pieces of code and improve our infrastructure.

We are learning to work in an agile way, looking for our path so that we can work better and deliver customer features quickly in reasonable iterations. No waiting a year for project release, but small releases every day.

In order to communicate better within teams, we have several guilds focused on different areas (PHP, JavaScript, agile,...) where everyone can join the discussion and bring their ideas.

In most of the newer code, we use a hexagonal architecture. We use static code analysis, focus on writing tests (we really do write them! unit and API tests cover all new code). We try to have fun with code and build a code review culture (although we would like to try pair or mob programming and merging directly into the master branch).

Development teams 


  No open position

We make everything run as it should! Our microservices handle 1.5M requests and process 200k events daily. We ensure constant availability of our service and a quick response for our users.

Data team

●  No open position 

We make sense of the numbers! We collect and evaluate tests. We track the popularity of our features and help to direct our product and business based on the data.

Application team

●  No open position

We revive and connect! We develop our website builder and its administration. We revive coded mock-ups by connecting them to databases and APIs. We ensure proper loading, data storage and user interaction with the features.

IT Crowd

● No open position

Servers and hardware - that's our job! We make sure that everybody's work equipment is in top shape. We also take care of the infrastructure for our development team.


●   No open position

We work in style! We code the mock-ups based on our designers' requirements. We take part in creating and launching our new templates.

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