Why should you work at Webnode?  

Our top 5 reasons why we like working here.



Useful product

We develop our own product that helps millions of people around the world make their own website. A lot of our candidates already know the product - they created their school project, wedding website or are helping their friends with their online store. That makes us very happy.



Trust and flexibility

We don't have strict attendance hours, and everybody can choose whether they prefer working in the morning or afternoon. We can also choose whether we prefer working in the office or at home. This year, we also giving an unlimited holiday a go. We give everyone trust and freedom to figure the best way to work.



Small teams with international reach

We are divided into smaller teams where we keep a great atmosphere and where we speak in several languages. Everyone can bring about their ideas and move Webnode in a new direction.



We keep learning

We learn from one another and from top experts in the field. We regularly organize Webnode Academy where we deal with anything that interests us - from PPC advertisement to correct ergonomic at work. Learning runs in our blood and doesn't need to be connected to website building. Webnode also contributes our guitar lessons or driving schools.



People, teammates, friends

Our informal and friendly atmosphere is the very core of Webnode. We don't care much for official titles and help one another whenever needed. And outside of work we organize the craziest events. Recently, it has been an interactive course of first aid or Christmas party in a moving train.


Do you profess similar values?

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