How we divide and conquer

Six well-coordinated teams full of likeable colleagues. All together, we make Webnode.


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Webnode looks good and is understood by users all around the world, thanks to our Design team and Localizations.


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Creative team with a lot of ideas. Award winner for the liveliest team in Webnode.


● 1 open position

Lines and lines of code. The Frontend, Backend, App team and IT-Crowd build the core product of Webnode.

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It wouldn't work without our accountants. They diligently watch expenses. They have numbers in their bloodstream.

Customer care

● 1 open position

Without our customers, we wouldn't exist. Our Customer Care Specialists take really good care of them, speaking 20+ languages while doing so.

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Human Resources

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They take care of us and carefully select the best new colleagues. They are the life of Webnode.

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