What do we do?

We help individuals and small companies succeed online. This is the primary value that helps us see and reach our goal. 

Websites for everyone - easily

Anyone can create their own website, blog and online store with us. We also offer domain names, email and many more useful features, all neatly packed in the user-friendly app called Webnode.

Our values

We believe in simplicity and friendliness, not only towards our customers but within the company as well

No long-winded processes

We don't like endless meetings and approvals. We listen to each other, and together we steer Webnode to the right direction.

Playful and informal

We have a relatively flat company structure. We also believe that we work better in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Work-life balance

We want happy and content people. That is why we offer a lot of benefits for your health and free time.

Open communication

We do our best to keep simplicity and straightforwardness in our communication.

Friendly and positive

We believe that people can create their own websites and succeed online. We provide the right tools and support to make this a reality.

Human to human

Webnode is popular in many countries thanks to our many languages and human-first approach.

To the point  

We want our product to be so simple and easy to use that no long explanations are needed.

Why be a developer at Webnode?

We have a mature, established product where everyone can see how their work affects millions of users around the world.

We work together in smaller teams. This gives everyone the opportunity to pitch in with their ideas and learn from more experienced colleagues.

Honza Koukal
Backend Team Leader 

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