Career FAQs

Some answers you might want to know even before the interview

Do you have fixed working hours?


We have flexible working hours where we need you to be present for the team sync meetings. We are all usually available either in person or on Teams between 9am and 3pm. If you want to start later or leave earlier, talk to your team leader.

Do you work in shifts?


Some of our customer care teams work in morning and afternoon shifts, and on weekends from time to time (once or twice a month). But you don't have to worry that we'll keep you here all night, the afternoon shift starts at 10:30am and ends at 7pm. You can discuss your availability with your team leader.

You don´t do time tracking, do you?


We've said "No" to tedious time tracking. Our attendance system will automatically count the hours you have in your contract. You will just have to fill in your vacations, birthday off or sick days.

How do you view working from home?


We've seen that we can work remotely without changing the quality of our work. Right now, we offer two different work modes. Fully remote, and partly remote where you come to the office a couple of days per week. Of course, you can work at the office every single day too!

How many vacation days do you offer?


How does "unlimited vacations" sound? Czech labor law mandates 20 days vacation every year. After that you can tap into the unlimited time and spend your holiday the way you like. We just ask you to discuss your plans with your team leader in advance and be considerate of your colleagues' workload.

Where can I go for lunch near the office?


There are three restaurants really close to us. Železná růže and Raj Hlinky are on the same street and Mitrovski is also nearby. We also have several fully equipped kitchens, so don't hesitate to bring your own lunch. Delivery services Dáme jídlo and Wolt know our address too.

Other companies offer meal vouchers. What about you?


While we don't offer meal vouchers, we have daily lunch deliveries you can purchase from the company Freshbox. We also have fresh fruit in the office every day.

Where can I park my vehicle?


You can park your bike or scooter in our garage. Just let our HR team know. There are parking spaces in front of our building and next to the Brno Exhibition Center. Beware of the fairs though; they can get full pretty fast.

My dog is sad without me. Can I bring him/her to the office?


Yes, you can, but please be considerate of your colleagues and talk to your team leader first.

I like to run or bike to work. Do you have showers?


Yes, there is a shower on each of our floors. Don't forget to bring your own towel.

I am very nervous about my very first day. What is going to happen?


The first day at a new job can be scary but don't worry. Our HR team will take you through the necessary paperwork and explain the basics of Webnode operation. This usually takes about an hour. Your trainer will then show you around the building, introduce you to your colleagues and will start with your training sessions.

On your first day, we'll take you to lunch, so you don't need to bring anything.

What will my training be like?


The length and content of the training depends on the team you will be on. The development and IT training usually lasts two days. Marketing training lasts about four days where you learn about activities and campaigns. The longest training is for customer care positions, lasting 10 days.

In this time, you will build your own website, learn a lot about our product and try to answer some real tickets we get. You will also have presentations from each of our departments.


Do you have any other questions?

Contact as at and we will try to answer as soon as possible. 

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