Honza, PHP developer

What do you do?

To put it simply, I get a static mock-up and assignment that I convert it into a functional feature with PHP or JavaScript. I also do bugfix, and development of some internal tools. We do not have any strict division on who will work on each part of our application. It depends on everyone's preferences.

What were your interviews and onboarding like? 

After the years, I only remember the good parts. 😊 I build my very first website with Webnode so I knew the product. I sent my resume to Webnode's career pages pracevnebi.cz and got a quick reply where we agreed on the first round of interviews. We set the date and I got all the necessary information. Next round with my team leader and the head of development was a very relaxed technical talk. We talked about my previous experiences. I also sent them a sample of my code, but we talked about it very briefly. For sure, they asked me some things I did not know the answer to, but I got the job after all. 

My typical day



  • I get up around six

  • A scooter ride to the office

  • Morning meetings 



  • Finishing up work from the previous day

  • I reply to emails and question

  • I go for lunch and have coffee afterward 


After work

  • My focus time

  • I go climbing, running or I program my own stuff after work

  • I attend conferences or events for developers 

When I started, I got a style manual how to code and how to set up my development environment. I tried out the whole process including code-review during my first onboarding task. Then I started bug fixing. Little by little, I got to know the product better. After about three weeks, I started working independently on my first bigger task. This style of onboarding felt good, and I do not remember any glitches on the way. I know that there was a lot of new stuff during the first six months here, and that I was asking a lot of questions. I am happy that there is always someone who can help.

What projects have you enjoyed working on lately?

I enjoy working on projects where we use AI. I was a part of one project where we used it as well. That project is finished now and another one is just starting. I am very much looking forward to it. In general, there were many great projects that I enjoyed, and am even proud of. One example is the project where we were implementing local delivery methods.

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