DevOps Engineer with focus on AWS

Plný úvazek • Brno/Remote 

We stand proudly behind the successful online website builder that allows people make their own websites without any technical or coding skills. Instead of a huge corporation, you will find rather informal, multicultural and friendly workplace. We have great benefits focusing on work-life balance, health and education, many company events and lots of fun every day. 

What are we working on right now?

Webnode is running websites for more 20 milions active users, our platform needs to be bulletproof. We need to be ready for a really heavy load, be prepared for various security threats and manipulate with a loads of data. Data that needs to be protected and backed up regularly. While doing all this, we still need to prove fast response for our users and users of our users. Just to illustrate this, our microservices handle around 1.5 milions of requests on a daily basis. At the moment we are in the middle of modernizing our infrastructure.

We are moving on from legacy architecture to cloud based solutions and technologies. We are using services like Amazon EC2, Kubernetes, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora. Newly created structure in AWS pay attention to automatization and "infrastructure as a code". 

In terms of handling the data, we are using Apache Kafka or Aerospike. Most of our data lies in MySQL that is replicated to many different locations. 

We're using logging service Graylog, Kibanu, Grafanu, Zabbix and more tools to monitor the status of our production. We are developing on our local docker. 

How do we imagine you?

We do not havy any specific requests for education or knowledge of programming language. The important thing is to have extensive experience with system administration, general understanding of the topic and technologies you are going to use. We welcome experience with maintaining cloud application and someone who can design infrastructure and its automatization. We are looking for someone who wants to bring something new to table with the desire to learn develop oneself. 

Development team

Take a look on our teams and what are we working on right now. 

Information about position

Company: Webnode CZ s.r.o.

Address: Hlinky 995/70, Brno - Staré Brno

Minimal education: Středoškolské nebo odborné vyučení s maturitou

Languages: Angličtina - mírně pokročilá, Čeština/Slovenština - výborná

Benefits: Neomezená dovolená, cvičení na zahradě, sportovní výzvy ve Stravě, čerstvé ovoce do práce, výborná káva a voda jsou samozřejmostí, sick days, narozeninové volno, volný den pro dobrý skutek, flexibilní pracovní doba, home office, firemní školka, svátky jak vyznáváš, interní jazykové kurzy, příspěvek na jakékoliv externí kurzy, firemní knihovna, dárek k pětiletému výročí ve firmě, dárek ke svatbě či narození dítěte, mezinárodní snídaně a spoustu dalších akcí, zlevněný mobilní tarif a bankovní účet, Webnode prémiové balíčky zdarma, atd.

Working hours: Full-time, flexible working hours

Contract: fixed/unlimited contract

Contract type: working contract

Who will meet up with you on the interview?

You'll meet Zuzka. She is the living and breathing soul of Webnode and runs the whole HR department. If you would like to ask something before the interview, just write her on

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