Alosan, Customer Care specialist

What do you do?

I am answering the questions of our Portuguese speaking users and helping them develop their websites. I work on domain transfers and on everything that has to do with domains and deal with cases when users report some illegal or abusive content. I also translate some of the texts in our editor and email messages.

What were your interviews and onboarding like?

I was hired just after I had finished university. I think, I saw the job advertisement on or our university pages. I had two rounds of interviews and I was supposed to fill in the test - create an answer to a mock user question.

After I started, I had about 2-weeks of training and then started working on my own. If there was something I didn't know, I could always ask my team leader. 

My typical day



  • I get up between 7am and 8am

  • I have my breakfast and mint tea

  • I start working 



  • I have my lunch

  • I answer another set of questions

  • I deal with tickets related to domains 


After work

  • I like to read about history and languages

  • I go for a walk 

The roles shifted a bit over time. Now, I present our newcomers information about domains. In case they have any questions, we have a team channel where they can ask anything.

What have you enjoyed working on lately?

I really like keeping in touch with the language and our customers. I studied Portuguese at university, so I am glad that I can use it on daily basis.

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