Hynek, PHP developer

What do you do at Webnode?

I am a part of the Application Team, so the biggest part of my job is the implementation and development of new features for our editor. I also created individual development spaces for our developers, Design Team and the Localization Team.

What were your interviews and onboarding like?

I was hired somewhat atypically. I came to (then) Westcom to implement a new content management system from my previous company. Westcom was more of student project at the time. So, I was basically alone in our first offices. Over the years, the company grew a lot, but I still enjoy working here. We are a great team.

My typical day



  • I wake up at 5:20

  • I usually take the very first empty bus to work

  • I start working at 6:30 



  • Work, work, work

  • Lunch delivery from Freshbox

  • I stop working usually about 15:00 


After work

  • I like to ride my bike

  • I read industry publications

  • I try out new technologies 

What have you enjoyed working on lately?

I am looking forward to moving our infrastructure into the cloud. I also enjoyed writing applications that show customer data in real-time. Everyone in the office can see from which countries our users are registering, how many users we currently have, or which templates are the most popular in individual countries.

Do you want to work at Webnode?

Check out our open positions. We might be looking for you.