Richard Bureš, PHP developer

What do you do? 

I am a part of the Application Team where I mainly focus on the portal part of our product. Depending on a project, I use PHP and/or JavaScript. My job is very varied. I work for example on React, a new authorization server or implement payment gateways for the stores of our users.

How was your hiring and onboarding?

I didn't undergo the classic rounds of interviews. My previous employer was closing and told me that if I want, I can meet with someone from Webnode. Later that day, the Webnode chief of development came in and talked to a couple of people. Some of us then got job offers.

I started working on the onboarding project where newcomers learn how we code at Webnode in the beginning. Then I worked on Bugfix for a shorter period. After about a month, I took charge of one bigger project that was connected to automatic testing.

My typical day



  • I usually walk to work

  • Breakfast and coffee at my desk

  • Sync meeting with my team 



  • I code up until 11

  • I go to lunch near our office

  • Various meetings or I continue working 


After work

  • I head to the climbing wall

  • Or to a swimming pool 

I honestly hate beginnings, so I was pretty nervous. About a month in, this changed, and I started to settle. In hindsight, I think it was nice to be able to try and figure out things on my own.

I think newcomers nowadays have a smoother and easier onboarding, especially on the technical side of things.

What project have you enjoyed working on lately?

I should probably mention new features from our new Premium Plan and its implementation on our website. I really enjoyed implementing React. A enjoyed a project where we completely ditched our old code and started from scratch with a new technology.

Do you want to work at Webnode?

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