Zuzka, Chief Personnel Officer

What do you do? 

My official position is the head of HR. I introduced myself to someone about a hundred times last year, so I have this pitch shortened to about 20 seconds. To put it briefly - I do everything HR, paperwork, reports and everything I must. And then, I do things that I truly enjoy - I am here for the people, a part-time therapist, lawyer, company clown and mostly organizer of the craziest ideas possible. This fun is a lot of what makes Webnode Webnode and why people like to work here. I am looking for ways to crank it up a notch. I really enjoy the creative part of my job, thinking about party themes and hiring campaigns. I particularly enjoy the development hiring campaigns and I look forward to seeing the reactions on the market. It might sound crazy, but I don't want to be a hypocrite.

How was your first interview and onboarding?

My recruitment to Webnode, that is a chapter of its own. I liked it here from the very first round. The space, the way of hiring and the people here. Then I had a round with the former owner Ondřej Kratěna.  

My typical day



  • Coffee and buckwheat porridge are my fuel

  • I take my kids to kindergarten

  • I run to work about 6 to 12km



  • Paperwork, reporting, recruitment

  • Second or most likely third cup of coffee

  • Figuring out new hiring campaign 


After work

  • I pick up my kids from school

  • Finishing tasks from work

  • Exercise, cooking, going to the movies or watching a hockey game 

We were on the same wavelength and talked on for about three hours straight. We decided to stop just because it seemed like a long time for an interview. And that is how I started here, in a complete agreement about what to do and how to go about it. It is easy to work in such environment. It does not seem like going to the office. It is more like going to see friends every day.

What projects did you enjoy working on? 

I think, the whole HR operation is interesting. When I look back on what we managed to do, it is awesome. I remember giving people the birthday day off as a present just when I started. Since then, it has been a ride. We changed the benefit structure, the recruitment process. We can do great things for our people, and we still have some great ideas up our sleeves.

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