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(Joining a new company can be daunting. But with the right expectations and insights,
it doesn't have to be.)

What advice would you give people applying to join the QA team at Webnode?

Popis té sekce: jedná se o sekci, kde bychom mohli poradit kandidátům, jak se na pohovor připravit, co mají čekat, jak se mají obléct atd. Prostě takový vhled do toho, co je tu čeká za prostředí.

 (Don't be afraid to pitch us the future of testing as you see it, because that's what we're looking for: the ability to see beyond what is.)

Jus do it

We approach people and their needs individually. No one is just a number. Everyone is heard.


Buď sám sebou

My si na nic nehrajeme, tak nemusíš ani ty. Sako nech klidně doma a přijď v tom, v čem se cítíš pohodlně.

(Communication is key)

We are playful and informal. Various joint activities, events, and surprises are a must! See pictures form our events

Ptej se

Rádi ti zodpovíme všechny tvoje otázky. Časté otázky si můžeš projet už klidně před pohovorem. 



(Qualify answers and ask questions)

We do everything to ensure that the lives of our people have a healthy and happy balance. Check our benefits

Osobně nebo na Teamsech. 


Have some other questions?

(Well, we've got more for you. How to nail an interview and more just this way)

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Try to knock on heavens door and check our open positions.
We are open to all people of good will