Application team

We create website builder, the e-commerce platform, premium email service,
internet domains, great design & content. All in one our
own product. All of this is us - Webnode.


This team care about ...

Our website builder is a very intuitive solution. Anyone can create Website, E-commerce or Blog without previous experiences or explanation. It's accessible from anywhere, any device, any browser. Let's make move to the next level it withus.

Some things we're proud of in our App team

(We want to keep the start-up spirit to maximize innovation and be able to move at lightning speed. We turned the traditional corporate hierarchy upside down. These are our values that we will never back down from:)


(Magic CMS)

We approach people and their needs individually. No one is just a number. Everyone is heard.

(Atomic system)

We are playful and informal. Various joint activities, events, and surprises are a must! See pictures form our events

(New bussiness package)

We do everything to ensure that the lives of our people have a healthy and happy balance. Check our benefits


(Profil někoho z APP týmu)

(We're still a very small engineering team for the number of users we support, so it's a rare opportunity to work on a production system at scale but not be a small cog in a machine.

Every engineer can make a major impact for a very large user base. We've got very high calibre engineers here, so it's a great learning opportunity just for you.)


Honza Koukal
Backend engineer

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